Is Being Bad Good?

Sometimes i have a feeling that people are so wierd , that instead of acknowledging good they end up finding bad in it.

But is it make scence to do so ?

Its a big question there…we are engrossed in what we don’t have that we don’t even acknowledge what we actully have or achieved…anyways this blog isn’t actully about that… so this one as the name suggest…. “Is being bad good ?” that’s a big question if thought of it.

So here we go… if i would say that some X person is a really bad guy or if you know some person to be really bad because of for say bullying others unnecessary… in such a person people will always search for a good thing and on the other side there is so tamed and decent guy not in much of for say bulling of pulling legs people around him will always gossip about what is bad in him…. they don’t really acknowledge the goodness in the person who is actully good ; ending up making the bad person as a good one and the good one as bad…. and then we complaint that he was such a good and sober guy at the school time or in collage and now turned into a creap .Is it necessary to do so like why cant we just acknowledge a person if he is good why we have to always search for something bad in a good person. As bad as it sounds its the truth that as a result of this somethimes for being acknowledge or noticed the good person does such things which changes his life…. that’s how good people end up doing some bad dark shit which they regret for whole of their life. Ya Ya i know there is the thing that what people things of us is there part to think and it sould not bother us… but wake up from the dreams no one can really do that you cant just ignore it no one can…. there will always be one time in ones life in which he breaks down and to get some attention he will end up doing some dark shit.

The above thought was a bit confusing so lets just give it some context… lest say we are is school and there is this one bad guy who is always bullying others, beating up weak students just to be cool and macho n all… and on the other side there is this introvert ,decent guy who is really simple and good at heart…. and we have the TEACHERS over here … so now the game starts the teaches always gives attention to the bad kid and try and acknowledge and find good in the the bad kid…but the good kid is never see to…he is always avoided because he is no such fun and exciting…so every opportunity ,every pardon ,every attention ,every care is give to the bad rat and no one cares about the good lad which is not good at all so here’s where people actully turn bad…this is exactly the point in life where you think “Is being bad good?”

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